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This is me. I'm not perfect but then I wouldn't want to be. Easy to anger, easy to like, easily obsessed over things and easy to understand. Things are different now. This is me.

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acting, afi, angels, anime, apocalyptica, art, asian culture, atreyu, bdsm, black, blades, blindfolds, blood, blood play, bondage, books, boots, buckles, caring, claws, cold, comics, computing, concerts, corey taylor, corsets, csi, dancers, darling violetta, death's head, domination, donnie darko, dragonflies, drawing, dreams, dresden files, dying, equilibrium, eyeliner, fanfiction, fangs, fantasy, femslash, fire, firefly, flying, gags, gambit,, gay rights, ghosts, gigs, ginger snaps, glass, gothic culture, goths, graffiti, greg, gundam wing, hairspray, handcuffs, harper, hawk & fisher, hickeys, ianto jones, instrumental, instrumental music, iron man, jack harkness, japan, japanese culture, knives, lace, lace-up clothing, leather, lesbians, lightning, love, lust, magic, masks, masochism, motorbikes, music, musicals, needles, neil gaiman, night angel trilogy, nightmare before christmas, nightmares, paganism, pain, permanent markers, photography, piercings, pink elephants, playing, poetry, porn, pranks, psychology, punks, purple elephants, randomness, razor blades, reading, red, remy lebeau, riddick, roleplaying, rp, s&m, sadism, sado-masochism, sage, sailor moon, sarcasm, scars, sewing, shadows, sharp things, sheep, silk, silver, singing, sketching, slash, slipknot, sociology, solidagity_aainst_internep_widkfh_hslts, soundtracks, spanking, spoing, spring forward, stone sour, storm, storms, straps, stripy socks, submission, supernatural, swimming, tattoos, terry pratchett, the birdcage, the crow, the internet, thinking, thunderstorms, tim burton, toys, understanding, vampires, whips, winchester, wings, wolves, women, writing, x-men, x-men entropy: the 198, x-women, xmen
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